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Advertise on Fox & Friends, America’s Newsroom and then Join the #Outnumbered crew on the couch! Guaranteed to offer loyal audiences who will respond to your ads!


MIDDAY Advertising

Hang in there for some balanced news, The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino, Fox News Reporting, Your world with Cavuto, followed up by The Five with Jesse Waters & Greg Gutfeld!


PM Advertising

Light your DRTV phone lines up with Tucker Carlson Tonight, then Hannity and the Ingraham Angle. These 3 shows draw the largest block of cable TV viewers in the Nation every night!


Advertise on Fox News

Fox News Advertising sales  888-449-2526 | AUTHORIZED AGENT

Advertise on Fox News and Fox Business – current rate card and media kit available now! Political advertising inventory will run out fast for 2020, get your political advertising inventory reserved today! Do you want to know how to advertise on Fox News Channel? Just call 888-449-2526 for media kits, rates and general information. Reach the largest conservative and republican based audience in the United States, Great advertising results are achieved using this amazing DRTV Cable News platform.

2020 election campaign advertising rates and political campaign media planning for national, state or local office issues and candidates is one of our specialties!

Twitter has announced that they will not allow political advertising – Fox News Local or national can make up the difference! Let us help you – Local, Statewide, Issues? we can get your political message across in any market in the USA! Fox news, sports and Business advertising with Geo targeting and Demographic targeting abilities will help your political ad campaign succeed!

Fox Is the perfect alternative for Twitter Political advertising clients to latch on to!

Fox news and Fox Business 2019 Media kit available! 2020 Media Kit coming soon!

Additionally – advertising on Fox Network TV and the affiliates across the country is a magnificent marketing platform for branding and Direct Response or results driven ad campaigns. Fox Business and Fox Sports deliver great advertising results too! And this authorized agency can help with media planning, remnant rate deals and ad production! Just contact us and we’ll assign your personal outside Representative today! 888-449-2526 – Contact the Fox News ad sales department here!

Line Up

Advertise on Special Report with Bret Baier
Weekdays at 4am and 6pm EST to hear Bret and the Fox News Washington team talk about current events.

Advertise on | ON NOW The Story with Martha MacCallum
Nightly at 7pm EST, Martha will take you deeper than ever before into the stories that matter to you. In these historic and complicated times, you deserve to see these stories presented through a fair and critical lens.

Advertise on Tucker Carlson Tonight
Tucker Carlson Tonight brings you spirited debate and powerful reporting on the issues you care about each weeknight at 8pm.

Advertise on Hannity |Sean Hannity
Candid, controversial, and completely unleashed, Sean brings you political news of the day, every weekday at 10 PM, 1 AM and Saturdays at 5am EST.

Advertise on The Ingraham Angle with Laura Ingraham
The Ingraham Angle cuts through the Washington chatter speaking directly with unexpected voices and the actual people who are impacted by the news of the day.

ADVERTISE ON Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream
Fox News at Night is a live hour of hard news and analysis of the most compelling stories from Washington and across the country.

Advertise on Justice With Judge Jeanine Pirro
From the courtroom to the newsroom | Judge Jeanine has the latest crime stories

Advertise on the Greg Gutfeld Show
Quirky, weird and straight up Gutfeld! Check out what all the chatter’s about.

Advertise on Watters’ World with Jesse Watters
Host Jesse Watters offers a one-of-a-kind comedic look at the latest headlines from the campaign trail

Advertise on Fox Report Weekend with Jon Scott
Covering the globe, fair and balanced! It’s the day’s top stories. Don’t miss news “at the speed of LIVE!” Saturday and Sunday evenings at 7pm EST.

Advertise on Fox & Friends
Mornings are always a good time with friends!

Advertise on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo
Making sense of Washington, making America what it should be and making money on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo!

Advertise on #mediabuzz with Howard Kurtz
Media…Politics…and how it all plays out! We’re turning the spotlight on what’s happening behind the scenes!

Advertise on America’s News HQ with Arthel Neville, Eric Shawn, Julie Banderas, Kelly Wright, Leland Vittert | ‘America’s News HQ’ brings you the latest headlines and interviews with politicians and other national newsmakers.

Advertise on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace
Policy debates to the political fights, today’s top newsmakers make sure they sit down with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, which airs weekly at 2 pm and 6 pm EST on Fox News Channel.

Advertise on The Journal Editorial Report with Paul Gigotand Maria Bartiromo
The latest news in Washington can be found the on The Journal Editorial Report at 2pm and 11pm EST on Saturdays.

Advertise on The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton
The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton focuses on the impact of the populist movement, both in the United States and throughout the world. Originating from FNC’s brand-new state of the art studio in Los Angeles, TNR takes an in-depth look at several different issues impacting the government and socie

Advertise on Life, Liberty & Levin
Life, Liberty & Levin explores the fundamental values and principles undergirding American society, culture, politics, and current events.

TV Ads produced here for around $400 and up!

As a full service ad agency – we get a lot of great questions from prospective advertisers. We do out best to answer and get the best deals possible for our clients! 888-449-2526

“What does it cost to advertise on Fox News” Channel, Fox radio, Fox sports and on Fox Business”? Advertise on Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Fox and Friends too! Media kit and rate card available here. (See rate card example below) To get the current cost of a 30 second, 60 second or a half hour infomercial placed on Fox Business or to advertise generally – locally or nationally on Fox News Channel’s many programs call 888-449-2526. You can get current rates and ad placement here! Advertise on Fox news for less money, Under $4.00 CPM Remnants, local and national rates available. Learn how to advertise on Fox News Channel and how to advertise on Fox Business here! Local cable news market of nationally – we can help get you on the air!

Local and National advertising spot rates for 30 and 60 second spots! Media Kits, Audience data, stats, CPM, best prices, lowest cost, advertise on Fox News, Fox Business and Fox Radio and Fox sports.

Phone number for advertising sales 888-449-2526

Advertising sales contact for:

Ad rates for Fox News Channel

Ad rates for Fox and Friends

Ad rates for Tucker Carlson Tonight

Ad rates for The Five

Ad rates for Hannity

Advertising sales contact for all Fox News, Fox Business, Fox sports and Fox News Radio!

Call 888-449-2526 to advertise on Fox News Channel, Fox Business and many other media. Radio, TV and digital campaign options.

Advertise on these amazing Fox News Shows with these awesome hosts! Get your rate card below of call 888-449-2526 for rates, costs and  free advertising media planning! 25 years in business!

America’s News HQ
America’s Newsroom
Fox Files
Fox & Friends First
Fox & Friends
Fox & Friends Weekend
Fox News Sunday
Geraldo Rivera Reports
Happening Now
Justice with Judge Jeanine
Legends & Lies: The Patriots
Fox News Reporting
Special Report
Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo
The Cost of Freedom
The Five
The Greg Gutfeld Show
The Journal Editorial Report
Tucker Carlson Tonight
Watters World

Phone number for advertising sales 888-449-2526

What does it cost to advertise on FOX News with a thirty or sixty second ad? What does the website charge for a banner on or Fox 888 449-2526. Advertise on Hannity and The 5. Get a Media Kit and rate card. Fox News channel or Fox business, America’s news room has become a major source of news and information in the world. When you advertise with personalities like Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson and more! Rates start at under $250.00 a spot! You are guaranteed to find an audience for your advertising message. Fox News will deliver ROI! Low advertising rates, Media kit and rates. What does it cost? call and we’ll tell you. Contact us for a specially designed campaign. Call today at 888-449-2526 How to advertise and get then best rates on Fox talk and sports radio advertising, TV advertising, Remnant, display,banner, digital and online too. Great advertising deals on Fox! Best media to target advertising to seniors 55+, Call 888-449-2526 to Mobile market and advertise to male and female audiences, men and women, Ages 25-54 and 45-64 year old’s. Radio, TV, Display, demographics, rates. FAST FREE QUOTES and media kits. National, local, TV, Radio, Digital, Mobile Marketing and more!

Fox News Channel rate card and ad rates for planning (Rates are subject to change without notice)

Rates updated – for current rates call 888-449-2526 or use other contact info. on this page – Thanks!

Advertise on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

Get rates, cost for 30 and 60 second commercials on the show here – Call 888-449-2526. Chris Wallace moderates the “Sunday Show” and covers political issues with news makers of the day, current topics and issues facing the country. Chris is the son of CBS newsman Mike Wallace. Before Joining Fox News Chris Wallace hosted the weekends at NBC and occasionally hosted the NBC weekend political show “Meet the Press.” To advertise on Fox News Sunday you can call us and we will acquire the time or ad space for you and help you plan out your campaign absolutely free. Rarely are there remnant spots on this show but we will check for remnant TV media buys if you are a remnant advertiser – You just never know! Call 888-449-2526 to advertise on Fox News Sunday now. We are your advertising sales contact!

Advertising rates and sales contact for Fox Business Anchors & Reporters

Get Huge ROI form DRTV campaigns on Lou Dobbs! Advertise on Lou Dobbs and win big!

David Asman
Maria Bartiromo
Deirdre Bolton
Blake Burman
Cheryl Casone
Neil Cavuto
Liz Claman
Jamie Colby
Host and commentator Lou Dobbs
Jeff Flock
Melissa Francis
Charles Gasparino
Jon Hilsenrath
Gary Kaminsky
Lisa Kennedy
Elizabeth MacDonald
Dagen McDowell
Connell McShane
Andrew P. Napolitano
Charles Payne
Nicole Petallides
Trish Regan
Lori Rothman
Adam Shapiro
Lauren Simonetti
Sandra Smith
Stuart Varney
Ashley Webster

Advertise on Fox News Channel, get a media kit and rate card here – fill out this form for a FREE quote or call 888-449-2526 today! Call 888-449-2526 to advertise on Hannity, The Five, Fox News Sunday, Shep Smith and Bret Baier. Advertise on  Tucker Carlson Sean Hannity, Fox News Channel, Fox and Friends etc. Give us a budget, we’ll get to work.